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There was a time when Leo was on track to become a doctor, that is until he was visited by the ghost of Delia Derbyshire in a bathroom one evening and, in between inquiries on the sonic properties of his toilet (once struck with a felt mallet), he was convinced otherwise. Born in Michigan, Leo aims to mix the spirit of and vitality of music recorded decades ago with modern influences and production techniques which prove that music made in a bedroom doesn't have to sound like it. Mixing with the Beatles' ear for melody, J Dilla's sense of rhythm, and vocals ranging from Nick Drake wispy to Kevin Parker's echoing starship trooper. Leo creates something unique and sonically pleasing. Something that begins to churn warmly in your stomach as you hear it, and for a single solitary second everything is OK. 

Written, recorded and mixed by Leo at Brandywine Dungeon Studios in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, OR. Goodnight From Channel 2 is a sonic refinement of the Leo style, invoking old school production quality with a fine ear for melody and distinct lyricism.

Leo shows true skill in the revival of the 'classic' indie sound which fits perfectly among those smooth guitar licks, wavey riffs and innocent sounding hums & grunts. To finish off what is already and instrumentally attentive piece of music, lies a voice that is made for the ears of true music lovers. Simply throw yourself back to the days. A truly visionary artist with a long journey ahead of him. Welcome to Oak-Owl Records Leo!

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To have Leo in our roster for the starting releases has been something that has made us jump around with excitement as it covers all aspects of the sound were looking for. A tidy introduction to how a kick back to the past influences, use of sexy tape machines and analoge treatment, has allowed Leo to 'time warp' back to a creative era without boundaries or worry for the modern digital culture. Certainly an LP with a real collectable value to it for years to come. There is one place this belongs, and thats a press print on vinyl in the next few months.

Goodnight From Channel 2

Goodnight From Channel 2

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