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Gigi St. Fallow is the work of vocalist, musician and songwriter Gigi Birch and her live band St. Fallow. She has contributed vocal arrangements to animated short film soundtracks, appeared as a guest vocalist on producer Kresko’s E.P ‘SagaCity’, worked as a session singer and released her debut E.P ‘Compasses’ in 2014. Combining ever-developing inspirations, times and dreams, the live incarnation of Gigi St. Fallow bring beats and percussive rhythms, dark, swimmy undertones, but with the power of soaring pop melodies.

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This time spent experimenting with different sound pallets and instruments marked a distinctive move into new electronic territory from the more traditional acoustic style she had worked with before. The overlap between these worlds can be heard on her debut E.P ‘Compasses’, as toy synth harps and detuned pianos decorate the space between sparse electro beats or big acoustic drum sounds.

Gigi St.Fallow

Mixing a love of trip-hop, ambient and indie sounds they weave a haunting soundscape backdrop carried by strong melodies that echo through the vocals.

Discovering a playful interest in music and an integral love of writing melody and poetry from a young age, Gigi began songwriting through teaching herself guitar and singing to express the lyrics in her poetry writing. Following the early creative impetus to art college in her hometown of Hereford and then to university in London, she met friend and producer Kresko and collaborated with him on tracks for his E.P ‘Saga City’, and some songs she had been working on herself.

Gigi St. Fallow are currently playing the London circuit before embarking on a northern UK tour on the Oak-Owl roster later this year.

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