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We've relocated to Toulouse, France but nice to see that we've left an impression back in UK

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Introducing London's Finest

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with their debut single

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taken from the long awaited 'Compasses EP'

Visuals by PJCasey & BLOK PICTURES

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Reppin support from Scunthorpe. Come Check it Out.

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The way in which these two work together is incredible:

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A long waited moment for us and so here is:

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Come Check it out #ScunthorpeGetReady

First Releases!

Bobby Hanzo

We would like to give out a warm welcome to one of our upcoming releases known as Bobby Hanzo! Stay sharp for this talented artist’s sharp witted eye opening lyrics that we should all take an example from. Welcome Bobby! We love the way you see the world.

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These two like-minded artists from Manchester know each very well and will both be part of the Oak-Owl family. Their collaborative work is always healthy and original. Their individual as well as colaborative ideas prove their spectrum of styles and genres of music that touch the listener. A lot of love goes out to these guys!

"My music is mixing a love of trip-hop, ambience and indie sounds"

this is the work of vocalist, musician and songwriter Gigi Birch and her live band St. Fallow. Gigi have been a long time friend & colleague of ours, and so we are delighted to be working with this stunning talent again!

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Kai Ohio

Taking his time away from production of electronic music, Kai Ohio is here to express his soul, deep meaningful voice accompanied by stripped down acoustic sessions and an honest joy of creative expression through music. Mesmerising grain, vibration and tonality in this talentful voice that is Kai Ohio. This is enough to give you the goosebumps.

A lot of new labels struggle to get that needed start with certain hurdles presented in the music industry today, but we are sure to do things differently and have overcome this with social support!
Martynas Jocevicius/Oak-Owl Records

Something as stunning as this 'Goodnight From Channel 2' LP by Leo (Portland,USA) could not go unnoticed and so we are proud and honoured to be pressing this beautiful work on vinyl in the next few months. In the process of signing a deal with Leo, he was midst long road trip moving house to house, and we think this LP carries a massive journey in itself that we should all be part of.

Welcome Leo!

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have something about them that a typical electronic dance duo doesn't; an ambient adventure in which their sound has found a place for itself to explore and innovate. Not only do they reach out for ambient soundscapes, but also play around with structural codes and aren't afraid to include 'dry' or 'industrial' sounds in juxtaposition to their calm underlying synth wave sounds.

fire_sign have the edge on simplicity done to perfection; their modern production techniques informed by the pair's background in classical music. An electronic palette highlighting glitches, pops and clicks, thoughtfully unites with vivid, stimulating and intimate vocals in a warm and spirited interplay.

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Oak-Owl Records is a brand new Label/Recording Studio based in Toulouse, France. A record label suited for 'indie' music as well as a recording studio providing services for musicians around the area.
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